9 Books You Should Read To Get Richer


1. One of the most popular books, which you would find many rich people reading, is The Science of Getting Rich. It has been written by Wallace Wattles. The book from the early 1900s offers the readers with an intellectual framework for several wealth-creating seminars.

2. The 50th Law written by Robert Greene and 50 Cents is about Laws of Power, Strategies of War, Art of Seduction and 50th Law involving 50 Cents. This book has taught enterpreneurs the way of being fearless, which is an important trait needed for reframing your wealth, becoming rich and making success financially.

3. T. Harv Eker’s Secrets of the Millionaire Mind has a lot of strategies, which are quite simple to follow. He also provides a free and live event for learning the different tools mentioned here. According to him, changing your attitude is equally important to financial education and he shows the manner in which you can achieve this.

4. Napoleon Hill did couple of decades of research to finally come out with the book, Think and Grow Rich. He was quite a poor journalist and to write his book, he interviewed more than 500 successful entrepreneurs. The book written as a part of his research contains steps, which still hold valid today.

5. David Bach’s The Automatic Millionaire was the #1 New York Times Bestseller at the time of its release, as there was a common sense approach taken to right this book. To make it clear, the author also described it step by step, which could definitely make it easy for a reader to understand.

6. Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor has been one of the books followed by none other than Warren Buffet as well, which says a lot about this book. He believes that the chapter 8 and chapter 20 has laid a platform for his investment activities over the past 6 decades.

7. Peter Lynch takes an easy approach, which anyone can make use of, in his book One Up on Wall Street. He gives information on how he goes about investment in the stocks and makes use of a sensible approach. He puts up different factors on how to identify and analyze a company while making an investment decision.

8. If you read the book written by business tycoons like Richard Branson, you would definitely know that they have information worth being aware of. He has described each and every step of his success in the business world and the different business ventures, including information on how he came up with those.

9. MJ DeMarco is a brilliant author and the way he has described the method of becoming wealthy in The Millionaire Fast Lane, it is incredible. One of his strategies suggest that you need to make use of the financial market’s volatility and you can make huge numbers in quick time. He believe that there is no other method of getting rich in quick time without being a part of the most volatile world, which is the stock market.