9 Financial Goals To Pursue Before You Reach Your 35


1. One of the most important goals to opt for before you reach 35 is to pay off all the debts. Whether it is the credit cards, student loans, or any debts, which have been on your credit score for long, should be removed before you reach that age. Once you clear off your debts, you will feel more relaxed and you will be able to plan your next financial move better.

2. You should have a monthly budget plan, which you should be following as religiously as possible. Yes, there might be times, where you will cheat your plan, but those should be very few. Once you set your monthly payments, you will be able to save more without thinking too much.

3. If you are someone, who believes in impulse spending in the past, you should change your view point before you reach 35. Impulse spending ensures that your savings are considerably impacted. Before you know it, you will have nothing in your savings account whatsoever.

4. You should set yourself a timeline for achieving success in different walks of professional life. This will ensure that you will have the motivation to move forward in a particular direction. At the same time, if you attain success, you will see yourself attain advancement in career and then earning more amount of money.

5. Get into a habit of paying all your bills on time. Yes, it makes you disciplined and at the same time, works towards your credit score. With a good credibility, you are in a better position in front of the lender, if you are looking to get finance done for yourself.

6. You should have an emergency fund available with you. It should be equal to at least 6-12 months of living expense for you and your family members. This will cover you from any situation, which you might come across, in case of an economy debacle.

7. You should have a footprint in the financial market by investing not only a major percentage of your savings, but you should also have a smart position in there. Try to follow the market trends on a regular basis and ensure that you are in a better position with respect to your investment almost all the time.

8. You should have a financial plan in place for your retirement and you should start executing the same. This ensures that you do not have to think twice before giving up on your regular job and giving more time to your family and friends.

9. Ensure that whatever happens, if you have been in a rented home all your life, you are in a position to buy a new home, if you already are not having one. Yes, there is no experience better than having an asset with yourself, which only increases in value with time. And all a new home needs is a little investment, a mortgage and repayment plan, which will be cheaper for you than what you pay for your rent currently.