Crashing Wave Sculptures from Marsha and Paul


Go to the sea and you will find crashing waves now and then. Such scenes are delight to your eye. And you can spend hours, if not days, just gazing the beautiful view on a sunny beach. What would happen, if a glass sculpture can give you the same feel, as we get at the beach? It would be incredible, right.

Marsha Blaker and Paul DeSomma have used their artistic touch to create glass sculptures of these crashing waves. Their works seem amazingly real. These Californian residents use the sight coming out of their front door as their inspiration. They use incredible artistic skill to bring out the intricacy of the marine environment in their sculptures.

Apart from these sculptures, they have also created Ocean Wave Vases, which create equally, if not better sight. Their artworks can be considered a symbol of the wonderful feeling, which flows inside of them, when they are seating next to these amazing waves. Even if you are far off from a location near the waves, you can have the same feeling, as if you are near them, by just getting engrossed into these sculptures. Let’s check out some of the crashing wave sculptures made by Marsha and Paul below. Photo Credit