Decoration Ideas for Halloween Cupcakes


Kids love attractive Halloween cupcakes. Let us check out few of simplest ways of decorating the cupcakes to catch the attention of your kids, this Halloween:

• Decorate Halloween cupcakes using candy treats. Candies are sold in sheets, which can help you in decorating as many cupcakes as possible at the same time. Candies help in altering the outlook of these treats. Adding sprinkles to the top will make these cupcakes look more beautiful.

• Another idea for decorating Halloween cupcakes is transferring small images of skulls, skeletons, ghosts and witches alongside many Halloween images. You can even bring in popular movie characters from horror movies or even pumpkins on top of these cakes.

• To create special effects on Halloween cupcakes, you can add jelly products and frosting gels. Black and greens are going to be the best possible choice.

• Some even add chocolates and gumdrops on Halloween cupcakes. You will be able to decorate cupcakes using chocolate fondant and then further adorned by fresh fruits. Fruits, which can be used over here, are cherries, strawberries and apples.
With such decorated Halloween cupcakes, there is no doubt that your kids will not be able to get their eyes of these treats.

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