Gruesome and Gothic Art from Paul Jackson


You will find skeleton within each of us and it seems to be yearning to get out of our body and escape on its own. Well, this what at least the Toronto born artist thinks about our body and skeleton. He tries to imprint what he thinks about life and things around it. From the look of its art and the popularity associated to its art, Paul seems to have been quite successful.

His art is a living example of what he thinks about life. His art can be defined as both gruesome and hyper-realistic, considering the color of the art, which is mainly black and white. More info: facebook | twitter | instagram

Skulls in the art of Paul try to tear themselves from the head. They leave behind a trail of face and torn, which do not seem to mind, without having the skeleton to hold them up, anymore.

You will find a lot of other transformation, which are weird and it can send chill to the spine. However, currently, the one, which heads the list of being the most prevalent and scariest trend in his collection. Some of the images, which have been shared below, from the Toronto artist can actually make you get that weird feeling inside of you.