HollyFood is the Next Place for All the Lovers of Desserts


It was almost 3 years ago, when Nicolas Knepper’s wife won the Masterchef, a reality TV show. The moment she won the big money, she decided to give a new direction to her life. She went ahead and opened up a new cake shop.

To promote her cake shop, she asked her husband to take a lot of pictures of whatever she created. Initially, Nicolas went the old-fashioned way by clicking on some classic images of her creations. However, when he started getting more interest in the way each of her desserts were made, he was able to discover that there is a story behind the name of each pastry or other dessert. So, he started looking around and came up with news for almost all of her desserts. Then, he started making images based on theme for the promotion of the cupcakes.

Some of the images below will show you Nicolas’ creativity and how he was able to analyze each of the food items made by his wife. And if you are hungry for dessert, the below images will make you hungrier for desserts. This will definitely be an experience for you watching the miniature figure of food movies in the world of Nicolas’ HollyFood. More info: nicolasknepper.com