Julien’s Take on Tourism in Mars


We always wonder, how it would be, if rather a new city or a new country, we will be visiting a new wonder. Now, a Parisian photographer has come out with his collection to give you a feel of a vacation in a totally different world from what is ours.
Greetings from Mars is the collection of Julien Mauve, a Parisian photographer. He has put up a series, through which he has come up with a view of how we would appear, if we go to the Red Planet as a tourist on a given day.

In 2013, Julien received the prestigious SFR Jeunes Talents alongside many other awards. Greeting from Mars have also been recently shortlisted for an OSKAR BARNACK AWARD. It will also be exhibited in the popular Somerset House, London, which will be hosting the World Photography Awards organized by Sony in 2015.

Have a sight of some of his artworks and you will realize why it has received heavy recognition in the past from different recognized name in the photographic industry. If you can use your imagination to the maximum, you might even starting to have a feeling of being there in the Red Planet itself. Via: wherecoolthingshappen / Greetings from Mars