Models Covered by their Favorite Food is a Tempting Sight


The image, which we take to record the most amazing stuff, which you had, cannot capture the amazing smell as well. And this is one of the most important point for this below series for food photography.

The models’ favorite food as shown below can be a good temptation for your stomach. Then there is another thing to imagine: how would it look like, if you were in the picture of your favorite food.

Junior Light, a popular photographer, took this idea of using the food for photography seriously and turned his models into their favorite food. In an interview, Luz discussed the details related to this photography project as well as his plans for the future. He said that he always looked at people and imagined their faces to be fully covered with food.

He also mentioned that the fun CARA-COMIDA (The Face Food Project) brings about a distinct vision of the desires, which we have and the tastes.

He has pulled up his full effort to come up with the below sets of images with his models being fully covered with their favorite food. Do not stop yourself, if looking at the below images make you hungry at the end. More info: