Nest Shaped Bed to Make You Feel like a Baby Bird


Gaston Zahr and Merav Salush Eitan are couple of designers from the popular OGE creative group. They have come up with a brilliant bed idea, where they have filled it up enormous egg-shaped pillows. The bed seems like a bird nest, which has been made to fit for a human shape and size.

This bed design is going to give you an opportunity to fulfill your dream to live in a nest without having any fear of being sat upon by giant bird. Again, you will not even have to worry about being fed the regurgitated worms.

The nest-shaped bed also comes with egg pillows of several colors. The nest is also surrounded by beautiful pinewood border, which appears to the naked eye for being a woven nest by a bird. This unique bed from the OGE (or even the couches) come in a variety of sizes with the smallest one being able to fit a person, whereas the largest one being able to fit almost 16 people.

Below are some of the images of the nest-shaped bed. Have a look at them and there are chances that you will fall for buying one of them and change the way you enjoy your sleep for good. Credit: