The Largest Ice Tunnel in the World Now Open to Everyone


You will come across a lot of man-made structures and some of those structures can significantly indicate the prowess of humanity. One of these structures of significant importance is a tunnel in Iceland. Via: Into The Glacier

The largest ice tunnel in the world was opened for everyone to explore in Iceland. The tunnel serves as a direct passage to one of the largest glaciers of Iceland, which is the Langjokull.

It is believed that the tunnel stretches over a length of almost 550 m before hitting into the glacier. The tunnel is also around 30 m underneath the surface. This ice tunnel has been devised in such a manner that it will give each one of the visitors an opportunity of seeing how the snow gets gradually compressed in becoming glacier ice.

To ensure that there is good vision in the tunnel for visitors to walk through it, there are LED lighted walls instilled there. The LED light present inside the tunnel creates less heat to have any impact on the ice there. It also reduces the claustrophobic effect, which the visitors might have on them, when they go inside the tunnel.

Visit this man-made structure and you will have an incredible sight for yourself to ponder about for a long time to come.